About Kryptonite Research

Kryptonite Research is a hobby blog about financial markets and individual securities. Kryptonite refers to pieces of information that could result in a movement of a security’s price. An example would be finding divergence between a moving average and the price, or social momentum during euphoria.

My personal goal is to try to apply, explain, and predict price movements by using physics and technical analysis. Additionally, I am interested in applying chess fundamentals to trading strategies. The website serves as a personal think-out-loud test ground for my own thoughts and ideas.

About Me

I hold a Master’s degree in physics. I was trained to be a computational physicist and I enjoy building, testing, and assessing ideas. In my spare time I am an avid rock climber, hiker, and dog Mom. I love to play chess and bake as well.

Nothing in this blog should be considered financial advice and should not be taken as such. I am not a professional. I am a retail trader who likes to talk. Please consult the appropriate professionals instead.

Get In Touch

I am always available for friendship and talks worldwide. If you want to chat about financial markets, chess, or anything else, please don’t hesitate in reaching out.


I have been trading equity and cryptocurrency markets since 2016. Historically, I have traded utilities, tech, cryptocurrencies, and the broader equity market as a whole. Typically, I am looking for divergence, froth, and fundamental changes. Things, that to me stand out.